All about ME!!!!

Hi mums; today’s post will only be a little one, but with a big meaning!

As life is going so fast sometimes and we juggle to get everything organised and everyone happy we tend to forget about one important person: ourselves!!

So I would like you to just take a few minutes for yourself, make yourself a lovely cup of tea and do some… yoga!! Hang on!! I can hear you from here: “I don’t have the time!”  “I don’t know how to do yoga!” Or whatever other reason… But really this will only take a little bit of your daily routine while in the same time do so much good to YOU!

So here is what you do: put the kettle on, pop a tea bag (I recommend a herbal tea with a hint of mint for its freshness) in your most favourite cup, and let it brew for a few minutes while you follow this simple yoga pose to help with relaxing:

Sit cross-legged with your back straight. Put your left hand gently on your left knee. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe through your left nostril for 3 minutes.

Now your tea is ready. Enjoy!



Zen mum breakfast

One of the 1st thing I had to face upon our arrival in New Zealand, is the difference of the supplies at the supermarkets. I knew that I would have to get used to new products, and forget about the ones I was familiar with.

First things first: breakfast! No more chocolate chip cereals, everything here is about fruits and grains; and while there’s a large selection, I haven’t found “the one” that I liked, call me fussy if you want. So I decided to change my way of eating breakfast all together, I was now going to have yoghurt topped with nuts and fruits. But after a while of the same nuts, I thought it was time to put my thinking hat on and come up with something that I would really want to eat.  My list looked like this: honey roasted cashew nuts and desicated coconut for the flavour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & chia seeds for the healthy side. I went to the kitchen with my list turned the oven on, and made my own granola!!  you can find the recipe here 

Un peu de moi…

My name is Carol, I’m 40 years old, French mum of 2 beautiful children and married to a New Zealander.

As a desire to raise our children in a more family oriented country we left France and move to New Zealand in January.

Leaving all that we knew and owned behind and start from scratch has been a bit of a roller coaster. I have found myself  searching all over the Internet for infos and tips for various challenge i am facing raising my children in a new country now that my husband had to go back to Europe to take care of some business.

This is where the idea of a blog came to life: a one stop click to find all the useful information like kid-friendly family diner recipes, lunchboxes ideas for fussy eaters, DIY, inspirational quotes, etc