All about ME!!!!

Hi mums; today’s post will only be a little one, but with a big meaning!

As life is going so fast sometimes and we juggle to get everything organised and everyone happy we tend to forget about one important person: ourselves!!

So I would like you to just take a few minutes for yourself, make yourself a lovely cup of tea and do some… yoga!! Hang on!! I can hear you from here: “I don’t have the time!”  “I don’t know how to do yoga!” Or whatever other reason… But really this will only take a little bit of your daily routine while in the same time do so much good to YOU!

So here is what you do: put the kettle on, pop a tea bag (I recommend a herbal tea with a hint of mint for its freshness) in your most favourite cup, and let it brew for a few minutes while you follow this simple yoga pose to help with relaxing:

Sit cross-legged with your back straight. Put your left hand gently on your left knee. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe through your left nostril for 3 minutes.

Now your tea is ready. Enjoy!



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