Zen mum breakfast

One of the 1st thing I had to face upon our arrival in New Zealand, is the difference of the supplies at the supermarkets. I knew that I would have to get used to new products, and forget about the ones I was familiar with.

First things first: breakfast! No more chocolate chip cereals, everything here is about fruits and grains; and while there’s a large selection, I haven’t found “the one” that I liked, call me fussy if you want. So I decided to change my way of eating breakfast all together, I was now going to have yoghurt topped with nuts and fruits. But after a while of the same nuts, I thought it was time to put my thinking hat on and come up with something that I would really want to eat.  My list looked like this: honey roasted cashew nuts and desicated coconut for the flavour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds & chia seeds for the healthy side. I went to the kitchen with my list turned the oven on, and made my own granola!!  you can find the recipe here 


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